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Important aloe vera drink distributors
04.01.2017 14:15

The aloe vera drink distributors and other similar cultures did not believe that the body would travel without previously embalming the body with aloe vera. It was very important to keep the corpse with the same frequency structure that the living body had. This was because they believed that the same body would be used to travel in the hereafter.

Therefore, you can see why it was important to maintain the same structural integrity of the body after death.Another important aloe vera drink distributors that is not popular is to prevent the soul and body from reincarnating with the same physical area. It is assumed that the soul would not travel into the life after death, if the bodies would disintegrate again and again into the carbon cycle of the earth.

But would remain in the earth cycle again. For example, the soul would be ground, then a plant, then an animal, then finally man again. Therefore, the aloe vera drink distributors and other herbs are used to bind the soul and prevent them from reintegrating with the earth again.




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